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KRISP COLLARS is a new fashion accessory that
can help men and women maintain perfect
structured collars throughout the day. Don’t
confuse this with your typical collar stay.
Collar stays only create flatness on the outer
collar flaps but do not keep them upright or
help create that perfect angled collar. As an
added bonus, they also keep polo collars from


Before and After

Button Ups

straight collars



Before putting on your button up, lift collar flap.

Bend each Krisp Collar in the middle and peel off the sticker backing.

Stick the Krisp Collar on each side making sure it aligns to the crease of the collar. Tip of each piece should always be pointing outward when applying. For best results, stick right below the crease instead of on the crease itself.

Lastly, put collar flap down and adjust to desired angle.

Before putting on your polo, raise collar flap.

Peel off the sticker backer.

Stick the Krisp Collar on each side making sure the tip aligns with the corner of the collar flap.

Lastly, put collar flap down.

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Each Tin Comes with the Following:

  • 10 Individual Krisp Collar Pieces
  • Krisp Collar Embossed Metallic Sliding Tin

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Easy to use

Bend, peel, and stick on button ups. Peel and stick on polo’s.


The adhesive is very strong and can be used multiple times.


Works on both men and womens shirts and on all types of fabrics.


The adhesive is hypoallergenic.


“KRISP COLLARS is such a great product! It keeps
my newer shirts always looking fresh and I love
that they are reusable. It has given new life to
all my favorite older shits and is very easy to
use no matter what type of material the shirt is.”

– Jimmy D., Chicago, IL

“Great addition to any stylish person’s wardrobe.
Easy to use and more effective then traditional
collar stays.”

– Jonathan T., Chicago, IL

“I absolutely hate when my collars lay flat. Such
a sloppy look. KRISP COLLARS helps with this
problem and helps revitalize them.”

– Mike C., Seattle, WA


Collar stays only help add flatness to the outer collar walls, but fail to keep them upright or help create a Krisp angled collar. Metal collar stays can impose a hassle at airport security lines when going through metal detectors.

Our product gives you the ability to control how much of an angle or flare you desire for your collars so that you can help look your best without breaking the bank! With its unique design, it can serve a dual purpose and eliminate curling on polo’s as well.

Yes, the adhesive used has been thoroughly tested on all types of fabrics and will not damage or stain your clothes.

The adhesive is very strong and can be used multiple times before being thrown out. Every user experience may differ but our team received at least 3 uses per piece when the sticker backing was reapplied or each piece was kept in a safe place after use.

To preserve the longevity of
each Krisp Collar, try and
save the sticker backing after
each use and reapply once
done. Make sure you stick the
glossy side to the adhesive.

Our team tested this and after
washing and drying, none of
the shirts were damaged.
Regardless, we recommend
taking off each Krisp Collar
before putting into the washer
or dryer.

Yes. The adhesive is a special
grade adhesive that is safe on
skin and has hypoallergenic
properties which means it
causes fewer allergic
reactions than other products
in the market.

  • Keep away from children and pets.
  • Remove before washing and drying.
  • Remove before ironing.

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